About us

The beginnings

Experience of a great trade group, leader in Italy, active in the caravans and doing field family Grosso, was born on Blucamp mark.

The ESA s.r.l. is the company set up in Cuneo in 1999 in which it is sprung the idea of creating a fleet of vehicles designed, engineered and selected for the rental network Blurent. With an innovative, high performance starts developing a serious and solid. Been active since 2000, the brand has enjoyed a strong, progressive and continuous success Blucamp dealers are now over eighty, distributed throughout Italy and Europe. In 2006, the ESA grows further and becomes a public company.

A rich range suitable for everyone

The motor Blucamp are specially designed and built under the direction of senior staff from ESA major European manufacturers in the industry. These vehicles ideally combine the needs of the charterer (reliability, manageability, high rivedibilità) and private customers (major and distinctive range of accessories, attractive, value for money among the best in the market). The range of products Blucamp in recent years has been enhanced with the production of caravans and the Sky Free, vehicles specially equipped for disabled guests.

Blucamp branded high quality is guaranteed

Each half has a classic and elegant design, a wide range of accessories and interiors of high habitability. For years Blucamp adopt a philosophy dedicated to building the strength and security, because we are aware of the importance of having a vehicle that guarantees every comfort during your trip and vacation.

Those who choose to vacation en plein air knows that the attention to detail and little tricks to make a comfortable and reliable vehicle …

Why choose Blucamp: the freedom to travel safely!

Blucamp Catalogue models 2024

Blucamp Catalogue models 2024

Download the catalogue of the 2024 Blucamp vehicles

Download the catalogues

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